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750W ODM 32A Low Voltage Servo Driver CANopen Modbus FL6D2Z2-A00 Two in One

750W ODM 32A Low Voltage Servo Driver CANopen Modbus FL6D2Z2-A00 Two in One


Voltage: 24-60V

Protocol: RS485

Rated Power: 750W

Rated Speed: 3000

Maximum Speed: 3600

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750W Low Voltage Servo Drive Motor with Absolute and Incremental Encoder

Product Description:

Low Voltage Servo Driver is a cutting-edge motor control system designed to deliver precision control for AGV applications. This drive is capable of handling peak currents of up to 64A and rated currents of 32A, making it perfect for powering motors in AGV systems. It features a 24-60VDC supply voltage, absolute and incremental encoder support, and communication protocols such as CANopen and Modbus/RS485. This servo drive is ideal for AGV applications that require precision control. It is reliable, efficient, and easy to install.


1.The product support both pulse and analog control through encoder signal output, master and slave follow function. It also supports MODBUS CANopen communication control, a features that greatly enhances its usability.

2.Moreover, a low voltage DC power supply enables it to meet the mobile car power and power supply needs.

An overload design of up to 3 times of its capacity allows for an improved response speed of car start and stop.

3.All series of products are CE certified and compliant with ROHS environmental certification standards.

Additional flexibility is offered with support for both absolute and incremental encoders. Such versatility is due to its software and hardware independent research and development.

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Value
Supply Voltage 24-60VDC
Peak Current 64A
Rated Current 32A
Power 750W
Communication Protocol CANopen Modbus/RS485
Encoder Absolute and Incremental Encoder
Installation Aperture 6mm
Overall Dimensions 189*98*34mm
Weights 800g


This product can be used in automatic navigation freight robots, shuttle cars, and cleaning robots, and automatic parking robots. It also popular with Logistics equipment, such as the automatic sorting line and three-dimensional warehouse.

The medical device industry has also been utilizing robotics, specifically creating small systems.

Other application scenarios that require high response speed and high positioning accuracy, have seen an increase in usage of robotics as well.

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