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2000W AGV AC Low Voltage Servo Drive With Absolute and Incremental Encoder FL6D3Z1-A00

2000W AGV AC Low Voltage Servo Drive With Absolute and Incremental Encoder FL6D3Z1-A00


Voltage: 24-60V

Protocol: RS485

Rated Power: 2000W

Rated Speed: 3000

Maximum Speed: 3600

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Product Description:

Low Voltage Servo Driver is a high-performance motion control system for precise control and smooth operation. Featuring a rated current of 60A and a power of 2000W, it is designed to be powered by a 24-60VDC power supply. This drive supports both Absolute and Incremental Encoder, and it provides CANopen Modbus/RS485 communication protocol for easy integration into an automation system. It is designed to provide precise control and smooth operation to meet the highest standards of motion control. With its high performance and precision control, this low voltage servo drive is an ideal option for your automation needs.


1.Input functions can be customized to innovative use cases, such as driver enable, reset, work mode control, command reverse, emergency stop, internal speed range control, etc.

2.This product supports multiple control schemes, such as pulse and analog control.

3.Multifunctional design features include encoder signal output, master and slave follow functions, MODBUS CANopen communication control, and a low voltage DC power supply for mobile car power and power supply needs.

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Rated Current 60A
Communication Protocol CANopen Modbus/RS485
Supply Voltage 24-60VDC
Power 2000W
Encoder Absolute and Incremental Encoder
Peak Current 120A
Installation Aperture 5mm
Overall Dimensions 207*102*35mm
Weights 900g


This product is used to automate the movement of goods within a business or organization. Examples of these robots include automatic navigation freight robots, shuttle cars, cleaning robots, and automatic parking robots. It also helps businesses to automate the sorting and storage of goods. Examples of these equipment include automatic sorting lines and three-dimensional warehouses.

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