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400W RS485 AGV Low Voltage Servo Motor Driver System Support Absolute and Incremental Encoder FL6D1Z1-A00

400W RS485 AGV Low Voltage Servo Motor Driver System Support Absolute and Incremental Encoder FL6D1Z1-A00


Voltage: 24-60V

Protocol: RS485

Rated Power: 400W

Rated Speed: 3000

Maximum Speed: 3600

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Product Description:

This low voltage servo driver offers outstanding performance in terms of energy efficiency, accuracy and reliability. It has a maximum power of 400W and can operate between 24-60VDC, with a peak current of 33A. It also has an absolute and incremental encoder for precise control, and supports both CANopen Modbus and RS485 communication protocols.


1.Output functions can be customized, such as driver ready, alarm, motor in place, motor zero speed, motor brake, motor speed arrived, etc.

2.The system supports both pulse and analog control, as well as multiple communication protocols like MODBUS and CANopen.

Encoder signal output and master-slave follow function add to its versatility.

3.Not only is the low voltage DC power supply able to match mobile car and other power supply needs, but it also features a three-times maximum overload design, which improves response speed for car start and stop.


Parameter Value
Supply Voltage 24-60V DC
Power 400W
Rated Current 11A
Peak Current 33A
Encoder Absolute and Incremental Encoder
Communication Protocol CANopen Modbus/RS485
Installation Aperture 5mm
Overall Dimensions 147*77*30mm
Weights 350g


The low servo driver can be used to transport and manage items on the robot. Examples include self-navigating cargo robots, shuttles, cleaning robots, and self-parking robots.

In addition to the robots, logistics equipment can also greatly improve the efficiency of the operations. Automated sorting lines and three dimensional warehouses are becoming more and more popular for its convenience.

Furthermore, low servo driver play an important role within applications that require a high response speed and high positioning accuracy. Examples of such applications are equity trading platforms or banknote counting machines.

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