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1000W AGV DC Low Power Servo Motor with Integrated Driver 3000RPM

1000W AGV DC Low Power Servo Motor with Integrated Driver 3000RPM

Voltage: 24-60V

Protocol: RS485

Rated Power: 1000W

Rated Speed: 3000 RPM

Maximum Speed: 3600 RPM

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Encoder Type

1000W DC Servo Motor and Servo Driver Kit 3000RPM 3.20N·m with Brake

Product Description:

Our comprehensive servo motor drive kit includes all the essential components and accessories necessary for a smooth setup and operation experience. It consists of the low-voltage servo motor and its corresponding low-voltage servo driver.

AGV servo motors are specifically designed for AGV robots. Their exceptional precision, responsiveness, and adaptability allow robots to navigate, maneuver, and execute tasks in dynamic and complex environments. Furthermore, they ensure high-quality motion control, making them an indispensable element of successful AGV systems.

Likewise, AGV servo drivers provide the needed precise and dynamic motion control vital for navigating and performing tasks in complex environments. Moreover, they are renowned for their closed-loop control, energy efficiency, safety features and compatibility, which renders them another crucial component for successful AGV systems.

Servo Driver Specification:

Part Number:FL6D2Z1-A00

Communication Method: Modbus CANopen

Encoder: Absolute and incremental encoder

Supply Voltage: DC 24-60V

Rated power:1000W

Rated Current:32A

Peak Current:64A

Support pules control

Servo Motor Specification:

Part Number:TD80100-SCABK5

Encoder: Absolute Value


Flange Size:80*80mm

Number of Pole Pairs:5 poles

Rated Torque:3.20Nm

Rated Current:25A

Rated Speed:3000rpm

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