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750W General RS485 220V High Voltage Servo Driver and Motor Set DL4

750W General RS485 220V High Voltage Servo Driver and Motor Set DL4

Certificate Software

Voltage: 220V

Protocol: RS485

Rated Power: 750W

Rated Speed: 3000 RPM

Maximum Speed: 5000 RPM

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Core Advantages


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Quality Advantages

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High Applicability

It has strong overload resistance and can withstand loads of three times the rated torque, which is especially suitable for applications with instantaneous load fluctuations and fast start-up requirements.

Technical Advantages

The company has a professional technical team, focusing on product development and leading innovation.

Service Advantages

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Servo Drive Specifications

Size 173*47*162
Maximum applicable motor capacity [kW] 0.75
Continuous output current [Arms] 5.5
Group maximum output current [Arms] 16.9
Single-phase input power supply 1PH 200240Vac -15%+10%
Single-phase input Input current [Arms] 8.7
Three-phase input power supply 3PH 200 240Vac -15%+10%
Three-phase input input current [Arms] 4.1
Control power supply 1PH 200240Vac -15%+10%
Power supply capacity [kVA] 1.6
Main circuit power loss [W] 43.8
Control loop power loss [W] 17
Built-in regenerative resistance Power loss [W] 8
Total energy loss [W] 68.8
Minimum allowable external resistance [Q] 50
Built-in regenerative resistor resistance value [Q] 50
Built-in regenerative resistor Capacity [W] 40
Overvoltage level III
Protection class CLASS I
EMC EN 61800-3 second environment,C3 category
Low voltage command EN61800-5-1
Protection level P20
Environmental pollution level PD2
Altitude Below 1000m, derated use above 1000m
Operating ambient temperature 0~55°C(ambient temperature above 45°C,10% derating for every 5°C increase)
Storage temperature -20  85C
Ambient humidity Less than 90%RH (no condensation)
Storage humidity Less than 90%RH (no condensation)
Vibration resistance 4.9m/s²
Impact strength 19.6m/s²
*For single-phase input, output current derates to 8.4A.

Servo Motor Specifications

Dimension 80
Motor model TH8075-MCANK5
Rated power (W) 750
Number of poles 5
Rated voltage (V) 220
Rated torque (N.m) 2.38
Instantaneous maximum torque(N.m) 8
Rated speed (rpm) 3000
Instantaneous maximum speed (rpm) 5000
Rated current (A) 4.8
Instantaneous maximum current (A) 16
Moment  of  inertia  (kg.m²×10) 1.72
Brake torque (Nm) >3.5
Brake Power (W) 11.5
Brake operating voltage (V) 24V±5%
Brake operating current (A) 0.5
Encoder Incremental/absolute
Insulation class F(155C°)
Insulation withstand voltage AC1500V 60S
Insulation resistance The DC 500V is larger than 20MΩ
Protection level Fully enclosed self-cooling (P65 except output shaft extension and connector)
Operating ambient temperature -20C°~40C°(non-freezing)
Ambient humidity 20~80%RH(no condensation)
Installation mode Flange mounting IMB5
Use site,altitude,environment Indoor, less than 1000m, no corrosive, flammable gas, dust and oil places
Direction of Rotation CCW(forward rotation instruction rotates counterclockwise from the load side)
Weight (kg) 2.2
The motor parameter data in the table is for reference only,and the data in the motor specification shall prevail.

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