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750W DC 48V Custom 3000 RPM Servo Motor with Incremental Encoder for AGV Robot

750W DC 48V Custom 3000 RPM Servo Motor with Incremental Encoder for AGV Robot



Protocol: RS485

Rated Power:

Rated Speed: 3000 RPM

Maximum Speed: 3600 RPM

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Encoder Type

Product Description:

Our AGV Drive Motor is designed with the highest quality materials, making it ideal for applications that require reliable and precise control. The motor is also designed with a low-voltage DC motor with an incremental encoder, which provides an accurate and reliable feedback for precise control. The motor is also rated for a high torque output, allowing it to handle heavier loads without sacrificing performance.

This AGV Drive Motor is designed to provide maximum performance, reliability and efficiency. It is equipped with a durable and robust design to ensure long-term reliability and performance, even in harsh environments. It is also designed to provide a high level of efficiency and power output, making it ideal for a wide range of AGV applications.


1.Low voltage servo motors are becoming popular for AGV/AMR robot applications due to their small size and light weight. These motors operate at lower voltages, allowing them to be mounted in smaller spaces, yet they offer very high torque density, comparable to industrial servo systems. They also feature a wide speed range, from very low RPMs to very high RPMs, while maintaining torque.

2.These motors come with encoders that offer precise position and speed control. They are also designed with the highest quality components to provide reliable operation and minimal maintenance requirements. Another great feature is their reduced noise level compared to higher voltage industrial motors.

Technical Parameters:

Encoder Incremental
Rated Power 750W
Rated Torque 2.38Nm
Rated Current 20A
Rated Speed 3000rpm
Supply Voltage DC 48V
Number of Pole Pairs 5 Poles
Flange Size 80mm*80mm


This AGV Motor's versatility and performance make it an indispensable choice for a wide range of applications across various industries. Its ability to meet the demanding standards of precision and efficiency sets it apart as a reliable and essential component in the world of automated guided vehicles and industrial automation.

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