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400W DC 48V 11A Precise AGV Drive Motor Brushless Servo Motor with Encoder

400W DC 48V 11A Precise AGV Drive Motor Brushless Servo Motor with Encoder


Voltage: 48V

Protocol: RS485

Rated Power: 400W

Rated Speed: 3000 RPM

Maximum Speed: 3600 RPM

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Product Description:

This AGV Drive Motor is designed for Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV). It features a flange size of 60*60mm, DC48V voltage, and a rated current of 11A. Our high torque motors are perfect for providing precise and reliable control for AGV. 


1.Low voltage servo motors are ideal for AGV/AMR robot applications due to their compact size, precision control, and quiet operation.

2.Some of the key features of low voltage servo motors include a small and light form factor, high torque density, wide speed range, and reliable operation. The motor’s encoder is a professional custom product from HKT which allows for precise position and speed control.

Innovations in motor design now make servo performance accessible in small, low-voltage packages.

3.The motors provide high torque and a wide speed range, while also reducing noise compared to high-voltage industrial motors. They also offer reliable operation over long duty cycles with minimal maintenance.

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Value
Product name AGV Drive Motor
Voltage DC 48V
Rated power 400W
Encoder Incremental
Flange size 60mm*60mm
Rated Current 11A
Number of Pole Pairs 5 Poles
Rated Speed 3000rpm


In the domain of warehouse logistics, the AGV Motor stands out as a crucial resource, guaranteeing seamless and dependable transportation of goods. It excels in optimizing storage and retrieval procedures, ultimately boosting the overall efficiency of the warehouse.

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