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2000W DC 48V High Power Density AGV Drive Motor with Incremental Encoder

2000W DC 48V High Power Density AGV Drive Motor with Incremental Encoder



Protocol: RS485

Rated Power: 2000W

Rated Speed: 3000 RPM

Maximum Speed: 3600 RPM

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Product Description:

The AGV Drive Motor is an efficient and reliable DC motors that has been designed to provide high torque in a compact package. Featuring a Rated Current of 50A,  a Rated Speed of 3000rpm, a Flange Size of 130*130mm, and a Supply Voltage of DC 48V, it also has a break . it is ideal for applications in Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV). With its advanced design and superior performance, the AGV Drive Motor is an excellent choice for AGV applications requiring high torque and low noise operation.


1.Low voltage servos are finding their way into many autonomous robot applications. From the small size and light weight to the high torque density, they can provide reliable operations, and possess a wide speed range with precise position and speed control.

2.Due to their low-voltage operation, these servo motors can be made smaller and lighter, enabling them to fit in tight spaces like an AGV/AMR robot. Even with this small form factor, they are able to provide a high torque output. What’s more, high-quality components guarantee reliable operation over long duty cycles while keeping maintenance requirements to a minimum.

All these superb characteristics are further enhanced by the customized encoder from HKT for the AGV industry, providing precise position and speed control as well. On top of that, low voltage servo motors run more quietly than their high voltage counterparts, making them the perfect choice for AGV/AMR applications.

3.The benefits that low voltage servo motors bring are undeniable. Advanced control algorithms, combined with the compact size and high torque density, easily make them ideal for the AGV/AMR applications.

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Value
Motor Type DC Servo Motor
Encoder Incremental
Rated Power 2000W
Rated Speed 3000 RPM
Flange Size 130mm*130mm
Supply Voltage DC 48V
Rated Torque 6.73Nm
Number of Pole Pairs 5 Poles
Rated Current 50A


This motor provides outstanding performance and reliability, which meets the requirements of a wide range of applications. It offers superior torque and speed performance, which can be tailored to the needs of different industries. In addition, special features such as high precision encoders and integrated brakes can be made available to ensure safe operation.

The AGV Motor is an ideal choice for drive and control applications that demand accuracy and reliability. It provides a reliable, stable, and cost-effective solution for a wide range of industrial applications. Its flexible design also makes it an ideal choice for custom applications.

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