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1000W DC 48V OEM Low Voltage AGV Motor with Incremental Encoder for Logistic

1000W DC 48V OEM Low Voltage AGV Motor with Incremental Encoder for Logistic


Voltage: 48V

Protocol: RS485

Rated Power: 1000W

Rated Speed: 3000 RPM

Maximum Speed: 3600 RPM

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Product Description:

This 1000W AGV Drive Motor is the perfect choice for AGV applications. With a rated current of 25A and a rated torque of 3.2Nm, it provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for your motion control needs. It is equipped with an incremental encoder and brake, allowing it to achieve a rated speed of up to 3000 RPM.

Not only does it provide superior performance and reliability, but it also provides improved safety and energy efficiency, making it an ideal choice for your AGV applications.


1.Our low voltage servo motors are perfect for AGV/AMR robotic applications due to their impressive performance, small size and lightweight design. With their low power consumption they are able to operate at lower voltages, while still providing a high torque density. This superior torque density allows them to provide a wide operating speed range, allowing the motor to easily reach high RPMs with precise speed and position control.

2.They built with quality components, these motors provide reliable operation over long duty cycles, reducing the need for costly maintenance.

3.The noise reduction compared to high voltage industrial motors impacts operations, making them suitable for a wider range of environments. 

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Value
Rated Speed 3000 RPM
Encoder Incremental
Rated Torque 3.2Nm
Rated Power 1000W
Supply Voltage DC 48V
Flange Size 80*80mm
Rated Current 25A
Number of Pole Pairs 5 Poles


This motor finds extensive utility in the realm of AGVs, including robotic automatic guided vehicles. Moreover, it proves to be an excellent fit for a myriad of applications, including automated assembly lines, automatic packaging, and warehousing systems. Its impressive combination of robust torque, high-speed capabilities, and minimal noise output positions it as the optimal choice for industrial automation needs.

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